Who are we?

Well, I’ll keep this brief as I know most people won’t read this if it’s longer than a few paragraphs! My name is Wade. I’ve been in the marketing space since I was conscious. Ok, maybe not as a child but as a teenager I immersed myself in marketing. Seems like another lifetime ago now!

I learned early that change is the name of the game in business, especially in the area of marketing and promotion. Every business requires diligence in this area and to effectively leverage the latest technology in increasing sales. Right?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, sales people and everywhere in between MUST promote. No promotion, no business. But what is the best way for a given business where budget matters? That’s what I’m about and what this blog/site is focused on. Mostly as it relates to the area of Proximity Marketing.

Look around, watch a few videos, digest a few articles and your eyes will pop open at the possibilities for your business to profit quickly from this exploding technology.

If you want a free, no pressure (and really relaxed!) consult on how this incredible method of marketing can add profits to your bottom line. Feel free to reach me directly at
Ask for Wade and I’ll take care of you personally.