Real Estate Marketing

If you’re a real estate agent or owner of a real estate office you’ll want to embrace this technology. It is tailor made for agents. Imagine having a portable little beacon that transmits your message (house for sale, looking for listings, promoting an open house…) to ANY bluetooth enabled Android phone within 100 yds of the beacon?

Someone is driving by a house you’re selling and stands in front of the house, looking at the For Sale sign. They see a notice on the sign “Do you have an Android phone? Look at it now and take a walk through of this house!” Now they look at their notifications and see your message. They open it and click the link that leads to a video walk through of the property.

You may never have known this person was ever there interested in your property.

This is just one simple way to leverage this for your business. Think about this. You get one, just one single sale in a year out using this technology and it pays for itself many times over!

Of course you’ll want to understand how best to use this amazing device so feel free to reach out and have a chat. We can find out how best to put this to use for you. It is one of the most cost effective ways to promote for any real estate agent or office. There are very few other methods that can bring the same ROI as Proximity Marketing can with our breakthrough approach.

Learn how you can profit here:

Get 23% ROI thru Proprietary Mobile Ads
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