Proximity Marketing Profits

Proximity marketing is not new but it IS new for small businesses. Major corporations have been cashing in on this hot trend but small businesses had no way to profit from this amazing technology. Until now…

First let’s understand what it is and why you, if you own a business, MUST be using it. You are literally losing money if you’re not taking advantage of this breakthrough technology.

What is Proximity Marketing?

As the word implies the message of your marketing is revealed to those in closest proximity to your business. In this case, the beacon. A small, portable beacon broadcasts a notification to any Bluetooth enabled Android device within 100 yards of the beacon!

How cool is that?! So you write your own 40 character message into a website portal, choose the website you want the visitor to arrive at when clicking your notification and press save. Now you have a message that will appear on any android device within 100 yards of the beacon.

This technology is making large corporations boatloads of money. In another blog post you’ll see some startling statistics on just how in demand these types of notifications are and the profit that is laying on the ground for any small business to pick up. Put another way, if you are not using this technology and marketing to people where they live, on their phones, you are losing money. Period.

Where do I get this from?

This technology is available in several forms yet the one you’re most interested in for small business and entrepreneurs is this one here.

Convenience for any business person as you can carry it with you and promote silently wherever you are!
Grabbing a coffee and a snack? Perfect, carry your beacon with you and generate leads! Sitting in the park relaxing? Excellent place to create new sales without having to talk to a single person!