Proximity is King

Let’s say you’re watching tv and an advertisement rolls by. Do you pay attention? Really? This kind of advertising is mainly for branding as in that moment you are not likely to hop off the couch and run and buy whatever is being sold.

That is old school! What a business owner wants is to grab the attention of the potential customer when they are near their business OR in close proximity to an offer they want to make. People are FAR more likely to spend when they are at your place of business, in the mood, and considering options of what to spend their money on.

When a customer is in the mood for dinner, for example, and you own a restaurant and they are “nearby”, you want their business, right?! Of course. Now you can get their attention exactly when they want your particular product or service.

By having one simple little beacon that broadcasts a 40 character message directly to ANY bluetooth enabled Android phone within 100 yards of the beacon. Promoting your product/brand/service, non stop.

There is nothing that compares to this real time approach to generating leads and more sales/customers for your business. Just look at how successful major retailers are doing right now using proximity marketing to boost sales. How Retailers are Profiting from Proximity Marketing