Majestic Levi

In 2007 when we were in Alberta for an extended period of time, I was furiously looking for a sire for Ebony. Fortunately, I came across a beautiful Champion male the owner was retiring. Several hundred miles later, I came home with Cdn Ch Cindeross Levi aka Levi. What a beauty, with superior bloodlines and a wonderful joyful personality.

Rest in Peace majestic Levi…we truly loved you.

He sired several amazing litters. A few years later we had to go to Alberta once again, took Ebony with us and left Levi home in very capable hands here on the farm…or so we thought. A few days later we got the shocking news that ‘someone’ had shot Levi!! Right in his own kennel in view of the house! Police were called and investigated but to no avail. We were devastated…and so we will probably never really know who did it, but we do have our suspicions.

St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dog

Ebony Pearl

Once again we were in Alberta. Seemed to be a regular thing. Lots of kids and grand-kids up there. This time we took 2 dogs and left Ebony in the very capable and loving hands of a good friend (how could we manage 3 dogs in a trailer, travelling??

A few days later more devastating news…she had given Ebony a treat from Costco, a pigs ear. Ebony got Salmonella and 32 hours later she was gone. And me, the one she loved, not there with her to comfort at the end. Oh my, how terrible that was!!

beautiful collie ebony pearl image

Our Wise and Wonderful Ebony, one of a kind. Thank goodness I had kept one of her puppies earlier…Prairie Wynd Rockn Ashni who carries the same ‘sagacity’ that made Ebony so very special. We have a sacred place on our farm for our memories, they are at ‘home’ and enjoy that special place God has for our beloved animals.personality.

Our Collies

my husband and I

Ebony & Us!


beautiful collie image

ASHNI & Pups


ebony and pups collies picture



funny collie pic


Rod Stewart Hair-do!



graceful collie jpg


Adult – Male

funny collie pic




Watching outside activities!

graceful collie jpg


Glam Pic!
Adult – Male

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