Do People Really Respond Proximity Marketing?

Interesting to learn that the statistics prove people are open and wanting to receive messages that are relevant to their needs when out and about. People actually prefer to receive messages to their phones that help them find a deal, a good restaurant, events and coupon deals for purchases.

Look at these stats from a Forbes article on how Proximity Marketing is driving huge sales retailers:

“According to JiWire, the facts are clear as it relates to the value of Proximity Marketing:

  • 53% of consumers are willing to share their current location to receive more relevant advertising.
  • 57% of consumers are more likely to engage with location-based advertising.
  • 62% of consumers share local deals with friends.
  • 63% of consumers feel a coupon is the most valuable form of mobile marketing.

Targeted offers based upon proximity leads to higher conversion rates, which is the ultimate goal for brands and their investors.”

Pretty incredible! Especially bullet #3. If you’re a small business and you’re taking advantage of the free sharing people are actively wanting to do for your business, you are just plain losing money AND free marketing. The best kind, too! The great thing today is how technology is so inexpensive now any business can benefit.