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“I’ve had many dogs in my life time but this puppy is very intelligent and surpasses all other breeds I’ve ever had”.


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How it all began…

I’m a ‘prairie’ girl through & through! Our farm dog was a Collie ( probably a mix as were most back in the Prairies) named Bobbydog. He would go a mile away to where a herd of 20-30 cows pastured, and bring home the 5 milk cows! “Bobby, go get the cows” and off he’d go without fanfare and bring them back for milking. Was wonderful… but just the way it was back then. One day we came home to a stranger in the porch…Bobby let him in but then wouldn’t let him out!! Can’t remember what happened to that would-be thief!

I started breeding dogs when I was 10 years old. Saved up the little bit of money I got and bought a Chihuahua for $25.00 from my brother-in-laws Mom. Searched out a poppa (no idea how I did that) and talked my brother into driving us the hours drive to their place which was a long way back then. When it came close to birthing, I was in Regina at the eye specialist. When I got home my beloved Chi Chi was gone, died giving birth.

There were no dog vets back then and even if there were, no farmer would even think of it for a dog. I was totally heart-broken, cried for 3 days. I made a stone monument, painted her name on it and buried her in a grove of trees which was still there many many years later. I actually thought in my 10 year old mind that God punished me for loving her too much…maybe even more than Him??

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Fast forward to the 70s when I bred our loyal family Collie mix to pay our taxes every year! Then forward through 3 sons and German Shepherds on to 2006 when there now were grandchildren coming over. When Sheba passed away, we decided to go back to our roots…to the wonderful, gentle Collies who adore children. From there it’s recent history. My famous wise and wonderful Ebony Pearl entered the picture and took over our hearts.

Meet Ashni & Atlas!

Seems they like to kiss 🙂

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We create a healthy, spacious and loving environment for every dog we breed. They get to live a natural life with kids and loads of room to run around and enjoy! Starting with top quality sires and dams we’ve bred several generations of wonderful collies.

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